The IF statement, in For Loop, in C#

    Good morning!
    I have a problem in C#, with the IF statement, in For Loop.
    I want to take the IF statement in For Loop statement; for hide the columns wich contain false value, end show the true columns only, in DataGridView.
    thank you.

    public void showClassRoomCourses()
                VisibleDatGridView();// Show the DatGridView.
                int[] semestersClassIndex = new int[1];                
                int[] semestersCourseIndex = new int[37];
                string[] semestersColumnValue = new string[1];               
                string[] semestersClassesNames = {"Class01", "Class02", "Class1", "Class2", "Class3", "Class4",
                        "Class5", "Class6", "Class7", "Class8", "Class9", "Class10", "Class11", "Class12"};
                semestersClassIndex[0] = classComboBox2.SelectedIndex;
                MessageBox.Show("قبل اختيار الصف" + semestersClassIndex[0].ToString());//For Test Value only                
                this.firstSemesterTableAdapter.FillByFirstSemesterClassId(this.studentsGradesDataSet.FirstSemester, (semestersClassIndex[0] + 1));
                MessageBox.Show("بعد اختيار الصف" + semestersClassIndex[0].ToString()); //For Test Value only
                for (int i = 0; i < 37; i++) // the courses (Lessons) count is 37
                    MessageBox.Show("رقم المادة داخل الحلقة" + i.ToString()); //For Test Value only                   
                    //string columnValue = studentsGradesDataSet.Tables["CoursesCheckState"].Rows[i]["Class01"].ToString();
                    semestersColumnValue[0] = studentsGradesDataSet.Tables["CoursesCheckState"].Rows[i][semestersClassesNames[semestersClassIndex[0]]].ToString();                 
                    MessageBox.Show("رقم المادة بعد اختيار الحقل" + i.ToString()); //For Test Value only
                    MessageBox.Show("قبل إخفاء حقول جدول العرض، الحقل يساوي:" + semestersColumnValue[0]); //For Test Value only
                    // The proble is here!
                    // it reject the If condition!
                    if (semestersColumnValue[0] == "false")
                    {   // Hide the false columns
                        MessageBox.Show("في الإجراء داخل الشرط، وقبل إخفاء جدول العرض" + semestersColumnValue[0]); //For Test Value only
                        firstSemesterDataGridView.Columns[semestersCourseIndex[i]].Visible = false;// هذا ينجح قبل إظهار جدول العرض وبعده
                        //firstSemesterDataGridView.Columns["Coran"].Visible = false;//هذا ينجح بعد إظهار جدول العرض فقط
                        MessageBox.Show("في الإجراء داخل الشرط، بعد إخفاء جدول العرض" + semestersColumnValue[0]); //For Test Value only
                // حذف المصفوفات
                // Delet Arrays
                semestersClassIndex = null;
                semestersCourseIndex = null;
                semestersClassesNames = null;               
            catch (System.Exception ex)
    Abubakar Jallo Asked on August 16, 2015 in No Category.

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    and what is the problem?

    on August 16, 2015.

    debug your application and check the value of `semestersColumnValue[0]`

    on August 16, 2015.
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