R package COZIGAM Problem

    Dear All I am having problems with the R package COZIGAM.
    I'm trying  to reproduce the example of pollok eggs from http://www.stat.uiowa.edu/files/stat/techrep/tr395.pdf 
    but when I run:  
    egg.res <- cozigam(catch ~ s(lon,lat) + s(log(bottom)),
     log.tran = TRUE, family = gaussian, data = eggdata) 
    I get this error message: 

    Error in .Call(“logit_linkinv”, eta2 + alpha, PACKAGE = “stats”) :
    “logit_linkinv” not available for .Call() for package “stats”

    Could anyone help me?
    FRANC80 Asked on January 27, 2016 in No Category.
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