How to run BrowserMob Proxy with RobotFramework and Capture HAR files

    I need help. This is my code:
    ${proxy}=            | Evaluate              | sys.modules['selenium.webdriver'].Proxy() | sys,selenium.webdriver | 
    ${proxy.http_proxy}= | Set Variable          |   | 
    Create Webdriver     | Firefox proxy=${proxy}|    
    Go To                |   |
    And I am running BrowserMob proxy from command line like this: browsermob-proxy.bat --address --port 8080
    Now, when i run robotframework, it open the browser and give this message on page.
     HTTP ERROR: 404
     Problem accessing /tst/a.html. Reason:
     Not Found
     Powered by Jetty:// 
    **Two questions:**
    1. why my pages are not loaded. (it works if I remove proxy setting)
    2. After the workaround, how do I specify to generate HAR file and how should I specify the location of HAR file
    vinaybond Asked on February 18, 2016 in No Category.
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